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To empower entrepreneurs to become industry leaders.

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To assist 100,000 entrepreneurs in achieving success in the global business arena.

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Progress from ‘A’ (excellence) to ‘A+’ (exceptional).

Connecting People, Creating Wealth

by Li-Jian

Founder of Shanghai Action Education Management Co., Ltd.
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“As an organization grows larger, its mission also expands in scope.

After completing this three-day course, I’ve not only gain clarity on choosing the right direction but also develop a well-thought-out talent strategy for recruiting and retaining talent, an aspect that hasn’t been adequately planned in the past.”

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“We often believe we have a good understanding of our products, yet one crucial aspect we tend to overlook is the lifetime value of the customer.

This class has been exceptional in teaching us how to dig deep and comprehend the customer’s needs by delving into the mindset and thought processes. The focus on this aspect surpasses any of the previous courses I’ve taken.”

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“Before enrolling in the course, I faced numerous challenges related to staff management, business operations, and products within the organization.

However, after taking Mr. Li Jian’s class, it was a revelation. The experience has been invaluable, providing me with a clearer direction. I’m eager to implement the lessons from the Ten Dragons as soon as possible.”

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“After years of entrepreneurship, I’ve come to realize that running a business is not merely about the basics; it can be elevated to a higher level!

I express my gratitude to A PLUS BOSS for expertly guiding us through the various challenges and problems faced by entrepreneurs, enabling us to progress towards the top spot!”