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Living a successful life relies on great financial planning like how a foundation holds up its building. The tougher the foundation, the more unwavering the building is as how a person's strength increases from saving money.

I've learnt have developed a habit of saving money since childhood. I would have this cute little piggy bank where my money will go 'clank!' each time coins were inserted into it. Though it may seem like a small amount to have one or two insignificant cents dropped into it each day, I soon realised how much I've saved after it was full and had to be transferred to a bank. I was really happy at that time, and till today would sometimes try to recreate that happiness by gifting friends with a piggy bank on a special occasion.

In today's fast-paced world, the word 'saving' would seem very outdated. Do not be fooled however, as saving money is undeniably comparable to how you would grow a tree. Seeds may be small and may look insignificant at first, but with the proper amount of fertilising, pruning and tender loving care, seeds grow up to be beautiful trees in which you can harvest its fruit for ten to twenty times the amount.

Of course, saving money does not just mean to just stow it in a bank. Your money works the best for you if divided into three parts which includes saving, business expenses and investment. If you segregate your money equally, you'll see why the quote 'don't put all your eggs in one basket' means a lot in financial planning.

There are three words that you will have to take into priority: Earn, Save, Spend. These three words intertwine with each other nicely because in order for you to save, you must first learn how to earn, and in order to spend, you must first learn to save. Always remember to 'balance' your accounts because those who do not understand the full meaning of it will be spending their money before it even gets a chance to nurture. As they say, 'earning money may take a decade, but only a split second for it to be spent', so always think of the bigger picture before spending your money on something and ruining your hard work.

Successful people tend to be good at wealth management and use it to their advantage in creating wealth. The road to riches comprises a systematic way to manage money. If your goal is to break free of a sad, unsuccessful life, all you have to do is to learn how to manage your money. Always remember that age is definitely not a factor. All that matters is to understand how actions produce results. Nobody deserves to lead a sad life. Everybody deserves the best. So start weaving your dreams into reality and start saving today.