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Whether on a personal or corporate level, money is always seen to be playing a critical role in our lives whether it be purchasing simple, daily necessities such as food or owning a flauntingly expensive private jet. We sometimes tell ourselves that we aren't lucky enough to live the good life, but is that really the case? Discover the secrets of wealth generation at A PLUS BOSS - a wealth management group that fully understands the importance of not only saving money, but enjoying it as well. 

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With many years of life insurance expertise under his belt, A PLUS BOSS financial group founder and Managing Director Dato' Yew Sin Yoo has gotten the favour of many corporate elites. During that period of time, he can't help but to notice on how entrepreneurs run their businesses. Yes, each business was in good standing, but something seemed off. A big lack in comprehensive financial planning signalled their impending doom. When the economy went down, so did their corporation. 

In view of this, Dato' Yew decided in 2004 to be a United States Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Life Member and found his own company. 


A PLUS BOSS was established as a life insurance and wealth management group that acts as a financial management consultant for the higher-ups by providing simple yet feasible solutions to help pave the road to long-term wealth.

Dato' Yew believes in giving investors a retirement after a retirement; that is by not only building, maintaining and letting investors enjoy their money but also planning for their future generations. "It is wise, no matter how rich you are, to make financial planning as long-term and detailed as possible. You won't know when unfortunate things can happen, just as you won't know when a landslide will occur."

The most typical and conservative way to save money is to place money in the bank and enjoy its interest rates. Naturally, people would only throw in random amounts to where and when they feel like saving but at A PLUS BOSS , discipline is of utmost importance. "Investors are required to save a fixed amount of money each month. This is not to burden our investors, but to make our investors clearly see that they are steadily generating wealth through self-restraint in reaping bigger profits in the future," said Dato' Yew . "This fun and easy savings plan is additionally controlled and guaranteed by the National Bank of Malaysia, so investors need not worry," he added. Discipline is indeed of high importance as the richest person in Asia, Li Ka-Shing, dictates in an interview that the most important thing to succeed in a plan is time, patience and discipline.