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Whether on a personal or corporate level, money is always seen to be playing a critical role in our lives whether it be purchasing simple, daily necessities such as food or owning a flauntingly expensive private jet. We sometimes tell ourselves that we aren't lucky enough to live the good life, but is that really the case? Discover the secrets of wealth generation at A PLUS BOSS - a wealth management group that fully understands the importance of not only saving money, but enjoying it as well.  

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"You can't get out of poverty without good financial habits, even with a PhD." This was the sentence that financial expert, Cotter Cunningham said. It was true enough to make Dato' Yew  reminisce on his childhood, because this is exactly what was portrayed back then. 

Datuk Rao's father was a college graduate from a well-known institute. He was unfortunately underpaid, and had a monthly income that could barely pay for rents. The clothes that Datuk Rao wore were tattered, and always would find him and his family moving from one place to another. Determined to get his family out of the plight of poverty, he learnt the importance of financial management.

Little by little under tight financial constraints, Datuk Rao Xinyu worked his way through school. By chance, he met a girl who was only in her

early twenties. Despite her age, she had already managed to save up tens of thousands of ringgit. It really surprised Dato' Yew  on how a girl so young could have saved that much. 

Time went by and Dato' Yew learnt on the potential trends in the industry. He decided to join the insurance industry and was chosen by the Great Eastern Insurance group. Through strong will and dedication, he completed the Baiduofen Policy in less than five months and since then has become one of the industry's top practitioners.

In 1999, Dato' Yew Sin Yoo's outstanding performance got him promoted to the position of Group Manager. He was worried that he would not be able to run a company due to his gentle personality, but quickly got inspired after reading a book that promotes leadership qualities. "Lead 

by example. Your employees will respect you according to how you lead and get results," is his favourite quote. He decided to set a goal and aimed to be a member of the United States Million Dollar Round Table (MRDT) and in 1999 was awarded his first MDRT membership. He has since then never failed to achieve the MDRT and is now in the process of training each of his team to get them qualified for a possible MDRT membership. 

The fateful meeting of Dato' Yew  with financial consultant Dato' Dr Chua Meng Min  signified a brand new turning point in his career. A PLUS BOSS was born in 2004 to provide financial solutions for high-level clientele, garnering the beholder with a generation's worth of savings.

A PLUS BOSS 10th Anniversary
Date: 16.1.2016 
Venue: KLCC Tower
A PLUS BOSS 10th Anniversary